Internal anticovid-19 protocol


- Number of guests: it will be significantly reduced so as to be able to respect and maintain the social distancing according to the current safety rules to contain Covid19, consequently the space available for each guest will be considerably increased
- Movement census: the order n. 49 of 03/06/2020 of the Calabria Region obliges anyone who comes to Calabria to register on the following portal:
- Village staff: Each collaborator of all departments will undergo sanitary surveillance and daily body temperature control and will be trained and informed on all the procedures to be applied and followed on the basis of the safety decrees related to covid-19.
- Sanitizing Dispensers: Sanitizing gel dispensers will be present inside the village
- Start / end of stay: It will be possible to start your stay on all days of the week, to spread out arrivals in small groups, allowing you to better manage the check-in phase.
- Check-in: it will be carried out at the reception by a single member of the family, with the delivery of sanitized keys which we recommend keeping for the duration of the stay. The delivery of the rooms will take place no earlier than h. 17:00. Body temperature may be detected before taking possession of the rooms
- Rooms: the rooms will be cleaned according to the official protocols that strengthen the attention to objects in contact with guests (remote controls, switches, handles, etc.). The cleaners will use sanitizers and sanitizers, masks and gloves which will be replaced in each room
- Protective masks: use is mandatory for all staff, while guests must wear them only indoors and where a distance of at least 1 meter is not possible.
- Sanitation of common areas: sanitation will be carried out every day in the areas of greatest passage such as restaurant, bar and amphitheater entrance.
- Swimming pools: in the pools and on the equipped solarium, the entrance will be quoted according to the maximum allowed by law (1 person every 7 m2 on the solarium and in the tank); the entrance will be managed by our staff
- Restaurant: the tables will be spaced according to the safety regulations that provide for a minimum distance of one meter between the sessions, a table will be assigned per room / family unit that will remain the same throughout the stay. It will be served at the table or served by specially shielded food areas where our staff will directly provide the dishes on the plate. Self-service buffet is not allowed.
- Pool bar: it is outdoors and allows you to take away your drinks on the adjacent veranda with spaced and sanitized tables
- Animation: Sports and entertainment will be provided for adults and children carried out safely and in full respect of physical distance. Sports equipment will be delivered already sanitized.
- Beach service: the umbrellas will be assigned per room and will remain the same throughout the stay, as per ordinance will be spaced respecting the space of 10 square meters per umbrella and sanitized at each guest change and in any case at the end of the day
- Any suspected cases of Covid-19 will be handled as per law decrees and ordinances in force.