Village in Soverato

Find out where to go on holiday in Calabria with family and friends to discover the beautiful town of Soverato.

The Nausicaa Village is your destination in Sant'andrea dello Ionio, in the heart of the Gulf of Squillace to visit Soverato , the social center of Calabria.

Soverato stands on a hillside between three valleys of the ancient Caecinus, this means that it is divided into 3 areas: the soverato Vecchia, the Soverato Superiore and Soverato Marina. it is the latter of considerable importance as a tourist destination chosen by vacationers from all over the world.

The Nausicaa village is located in an ideal position to reach the center of Soverato, this proximity makes it so that it is chosen by thousands of tourists as a village in Soverato; is the right destination to discover and experience the summer in Calabria, in particular in the pearl of the Gulf of Squillace, discovering not only Soverato, but also the territory that surrounds them in all their beauty. The village with soft all-inclusive treatment , is the ideal destination to spend the days in total relaxation with the whole family, and then move in the evening to the Soverato seafront, which offers about 2 km entirely pedestrianized with a myriad of clubs, including restaurants, pubs and beaches.



Sant'Andrea dello Jonio

Via Francesco Lucifero, 88060 Sant'Andrea Apostolo dello Ionio - Italy
TEL +39 096745851

Gestitur Srl
Via Vittorio Veneto 17, 88068 Soverato, PI 03269890798

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