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Discovery of the Territory

The village is located in the municipality of Sant'Andrea Apostolo dello Ionio, a charming town nestled in the southern area of the province of Catanzaro that offers unique sceneries, halfway between the sea and the mountains. The municipal territory, in fact, extends for 20 kilometers at an altitude between 0 and 1,070 meters above sea level, includes 4 kilometers of coastline and an articulated system of hilly and mountainous reliefs.
The historic center boasts a spectacular position on the top of three hills, with the mountains behind, the first offshoots of the Serre mountains, and facing the sea, with a splendid view, on clear days, of the Gulf of Squillace from Capo Colonna at Punta Stilo.
The seafront, a stretch of beach protected by the FAI , a nature reserve that offers the opportunity to enjoy beautiful crystal clear waters, turquoise colored, with golden reflections, white sand and pristine Mediterranean scrub.

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