Discovery of the Territory

The village is located in the municipality of Sant'Andrea Apostolo dello Ionio, a charming town nestled in the southern area of the province of Catanzaro that offers unique sceneries, halfway between the sea and the mountains. The municipal territory, in fact, extends for 20 kilometers at an altitude between 0 and 1,070 meters above sea level, includes 4 kilometers of coastline and an articulated system of hilly and mountainous reliefs.
The historic center boasts a spectacular position on the top of three hills, with the mountains behind, the first offshoots of the Serre mountains, and facing the sea, with a splendid view, on clear days, of the Gulf of Squillace from Capo Colonna at Punta Stilo.
The seafront, a stretch of beach protected by the FAI , a nature reserve that offers the opportunity to enjoy beautiful crystal clear waters, turquoise colored, with golden reflections, white sand and pristine Mediterranean scrub.

  • Promenade of Soverato

    The Lungomare Europa, the beating heart of the city of Soverato , enjoys about two km entirely pedestrianized, ideal for sports, skating, cycling (thanks to the presence of the cycle path) or simply for a relaxing walk with the whole family. A myriad of scents that meet from the sea with those of the oleanders, mimosas and palm trees that frame various clubs, including restaurants, pubs and beaches, making the place the center of Catanzaro nightlife. Also ideal for the little ones thanks to the various attractions such as rides and inflatables

  • Cupido beach of Sant'Andrea Apostolo dello Ionio

    It is one of the few beaches that has now survived wild construction and railroad crossing. Characterized by a wide and free beach with white granite sand and a crystalline sea , about 3 km long and is adorned with a rich spontaneous vegetation, an ideal habitat for many specimens including the caretta caretta turtle, and the presence of a flower rare, the Giglio Marino, so much so that it was included by the FAI as a protected reserve. It is the ideal place to spend a day at sea with the whole family, perhaps waiting for the sunset that offers a unique and exciting show.

  • Historic Center Sant'Andrea Apostolo dello Ionio

    Sant'Andrea Apostolo dello Ionio boasts a well-preserved historic center with the characteristic of a medieval village ; in fact it is characterized by countless alleys and narrow streets, very suggestive, some still retain the granite pavement of the past. The strong point is the magnificent position, perched on the top of three hills , in fact it is located with the Serre mountains behind it and in front of it the splendid view of the Gulf of Squillace. A unique and well preserved place , rich in culture and traditions in an atmosphere full of history, where time seems to have stopped.

  • Museo della Memoria

    Inside the historic center there is a small museum of the history of the culture of the area. Here the main tools of the peasant civilization of the time are kept and some reconstructions of the living environments of the time have been made, in particular of the artisan shops that populated the town. Compulsory stop for a visit to the historic center , especially if you go with the whole family, making a unique experience especially for the little ones, to view that rare heritage and those traditions of the life of those who preceded us

  • Tropea

    Defined the "Pearl" of the Tyrrhenian Sea with the unmistakable Sanctuary of the Madonna Dell'Isola, now famous all over the world. A small town with a particular historic center where streets and alleys open directly onto the sea with the Sanctuary in the background. There are several noble palaces of the past that have preserved all their history. In the center, the Duomo must be visited strictly. An obligatory stop is the sea ... several beaches, even free ones, all not far from each other, starting from that of the Marina dell'Isola with a white and fine sand from which behind, you can admire Tropea perched on the rock

  • Le Castella

    Le Castella is a well-known tourist center in the province of Crotone, known mainly for the fortress and cliffs rich in Greek-Roman archaeological finds. The castle is one of the most fascinating in Italy , thanks to its position that sees it rise in a real islet, linked to the coast only by a strip of land. The fortress built in the fifteenth century has been totally restored where inside it is possible to find the remains of an ancient village with a small church and a chapel, the panoramic bastions and the tower.

  • I Bronzi di Riace

    Found in perfect condition in the 70s near Riace Marina (RC), they are among the most significant masterpieces of Greek art. The two bronzes, Warrior A (the young) and Warrior B (the old) were made with high accuracy and represent two warriors almost 2 meters tall. They have recently been perfectly restored and are exhibited in the national archaeological museum of Reggio Calabria in an environment specially created to ensure their conservation. Also present inside the museum are other valuable archaeological pieces related to Magna Graecia.

  • Chiesa Piedigrotta Pizzo

    The church of Piedigrotta is located in Pizzo Calabro, its peculiarity is that it has been excavated entirely in the tufaceous rocks. Its position is characterized by contiguity with the beach, right in front of the sea, which means that when the sun's rays penetrate into the depth of the cave, various colors are enhanced, due to the mineral salts present in the walls and in the stature of tuff; This creates a more evocative environment that some refer to as a mystical experience. It was built for a vow made to the Madonna by some sailors saved from a shipwreck right at the point where the church stands.

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