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Animals and Green Care

The Nausicaa Village is not just hospitality, but we love nature in all its forms, which is why we like to be immersed in large and lush gardens of flowers and plants of the typical Mediterranean scrub.

To make our location even more special, the presence of some animals, housed in large spaces entirely dedicated to them, accessible even to the youngest guests.


The attention to detail comes from the Green

Directly on the sea in a sea of green !!
Meticulous care and love for nature make Nausicaa Village a garden of 30,000 square meters where the various low and independent buildings are located surrounded by greenery. The olive trees dominate it , followed by palms and splendid bougainvilleas that adorn the rich Mediterranean scrub with a multitude of colors. A magical and enchanting environment that guarantees physical and moral well-being.


Our animal friends

Children on vacation can live a unique experience discovering the beauty of animals. From the animals in the pond among goldfish, to the ducks and the stables, including our mascot: Lauretta , a donkey who likes to participate in selfies, for this reason we have dedicated an Instagram page just for her, lauretta_donkey

We welcome small 4-legged friends (up to 15 kg), but out of respect for other guests and for the common rules of hygiene we ask owners to follow some simple rules

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