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Hospitality and Cuisine

The Nausicaa Village is ready to welcome you within a wonderful area of 30,000 square meters, which deeply loves nature and protection by adopting all possible strategies also from a restaurant point of view ... in fact we prefer local and zero km products , based mainly on quality of raw materials to guarantee our guests the most natural products possible.

Welcome to Nausicaa Village

Immersed in a typical Mediterranean landscape between elegant and well-kept gardens and low buildings, the Nausicaa Village is located a few steps from the pristine sea, reachable through the characteristic pine forest.

Rich in spaces and services, in addition to maximum relaxation, it offers its guests a rich food and wine offer and lots of fun to offer you a real holiday of sea, nature and culture in Calabria


Restaurant on the veranda

It offers buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner , with show cooking corner and a choice of first and second courses, side dishes, appetizers, salads, fruit and desserts; still and sparkling water and wine are included served in a carafe. Weekly evenings are organized with typical local products.

Sumptuous buffets, creative dishes, culinary variety, meals at Nausicaa Village are an event every day. You can enjoy the best of Mediterranean cuisine and regional, based on the choice of zero kilometer and the highest quality ingredients, prepared and c urate in every detail by our Chef .. !! We will be able to provide you with tempting temptations for your palates!

  • A table will be assigned for each room.

  • For mothers there is a fully equipped baby bottle

  • Varied and complete offer thanks to the Soft Inclusive formula

  • Customers with food intolerances and celiacs can be followed by the kitchen staff in choosing the appropriate foods from the buffet

  • Buffet served and choice of menu between 2 first courses, 2 seconds with various side dishes and desserts organization of evenings with typical products (still and sparkling water, wine in carafe included)

  • Breakfast (from 07.30 to 09.30), lunch (from 12.30 to 14.00) and dinner (from 19.30 to 21.00)


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